SKINFOOD Black Sugar Mask Wash Off contains black sugar ingredient, which contains rich minerals, vitamins and glycolic acid, for removing aged cuticles. It ensures better absorption of the following skin care products. Skin is revitalized and hydrated. Bright and tight skin is resulted. How to use: After cleansing, apply the mask to lightly wet face (avoid eye and lip area). Gently press and massage. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse well with water.
Size: 100g
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by Leslie M. Bowman >> See more reviews

Best face scrub I've ever used!

I have tried many face scrubs, from the expensive department store brands to the the inexpensive ones available at drugstores. None of them left my face feeling so soft and polished as Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off. I use this product once or twice per week, in between my make-up remover and foaming cleanser. I find that I have the best results if I dampen my face with warm water before applying this product. I then rub it in into my skin until most of the sugar is dissolved, focusing on my most troublesome areas, then rinse with warm water before proceeding with my cleanser. I find that my cleanser foams up and works much better after exfoliation. I then follow this up with my softener/toner and moisturizer. I read many reviews on various beauty websites, both positive and negative, before deciding to give this a go. The most common complaints I've read is that the fragrance is unpleasant or that it left the skin feeling dry. I will try to address both of those points. I personally like the fragrance - it is very citrus-like... in a fresh way, not in a chemical household cleaner way. It is a strong fragrance, but it doesn't linger after the product is washed off. Since everyone has different reactions to fragrances, I can only offer this description - you can decide if it is off-putting or not when you try it for yourself. To those who complain that their skin felt dry afterwards, I would remind them that this is an exfoliating scrub, not a moisturizer. This product is meant to compliment your skin care routine, not to replace it. Anyone who ends their skin care routine with an exfoliating product should expect to have dry skin. You are sloughing off dead skin and the natural oils in your face are going to wash off with it. It is only natural that you should follow that up with a good moisturizer. In all, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has struggled to find a facial exfoliation product they are truly happy with. You won't be disappointed!

Best Mask Ever!

I was a little skeptical in buying this product as I was a little worried that it wouldn‘t work for me. However, with the great reviews and recommendation from friends, I decided to purchase one for myself. When I received the product, I quickly went to my bathroom and washed my face to test this product out. After washing my face, I applied the Black Sugar Mask on my face and rubbed it on for 10 minutes and left it on for 20 more minutes. The smell was just so lovely in my opinion. The mask smells like lemons. As I was rubbing the mask on, I could already tell the mask for exfoliating my skin. I was so excited to see the results after I wash my face. Twenty minutes passed by and I washed my face and I noticed a drastic change. My face had never felt so soft before. I kept touching my face afterwards and could not stop touching it. It was just so pleasant to touch a soft face. So, I continued using this product twice a week and I would recommend anyone looking to achieve soft skin, to buy this sugar mask product. Skin Food, onc

Love this mask/scrub

I want to start this review by saying, I love Korean beauty products. I was introduced to Korean skin care at cosmetology school in Santa Monica, CA. back in 2000. In 2000 I was using Korean BB creams, years before they became popular in the state's. They are so far ahead of us in skincare, and the products are amazing! Now to the review. I love this product! You add it to damp cleansed skin. I put some on my hand and add a little water to help it spread evenly. I put in on my face avoiding eye and lip area. I lightly massage on my skin then leave on for 15 minutes before I rinse. My skin feel amazing when it is rinsed off, soft and hydrated. I then finish my nigjtly skincare routine. (It's really dry where I live so at night I treat my normal skin like dry and really hydrated it) You could easly just moisturize, eye cream and be done. The great thing about Skin Food is if you don't have time to use it as a mask just use as a scrub. I count the days until it's time to use my Skin Food. Give it a try, you will be glad you did.

by Beth Poppet >> See more reviews

I'm an American who watches a lot of Kdramas and became supremely jealous of Kon Joon-He's character in "She Was Pretty. ") I've

I recently began a quest for all the beauty products needed to achieve the youthful, dewy look ever popular in Korea in anticipation of my wedding day. (Yes, I'm an American who watches a lot of Kdramas and became supremely jealous of Kon Joon-He's character in "She Was Pretty.") I've had a fantastic experience with the new skin care regimen: huge reduction in blemishes, almost completely eliminated the pimples!!!--I just get one or two during my period--evened skin tone, and overall a cleaner, softer face. Since it's been so overwhelming to research every step on my own, I'm providing a list of all the winners so far, and in what order of the skin care/makeup routine to use them in. Hopefully this is helpful for anyone who wants to venture into the world of Korean skin care but isn't sure where to start. **Indicates the product in review. 1. Cleanser - The Face Shop: Rice Water Bright Apply this to dry, unwashed skin and gently rub in circles to fully cleanse your face. Works as a makeup remover, but I'd recommend a different product for eye makeup removal. Rinse the oil off with lukewarm water. 2. Toner/Refresher - Etude House 10-in-1 House Wonder Pore Freshener Tightens pores, and purifies skin. Apply to a cotton pad or cotton balls and then to face. Let dry. 3. Moisturiser - Skin Food Peach Sake Emulsion Pretty self-explanatory. Apply right after the toner sets in to feed your face with some moisture. I love the light peachy scent. It's lovely and sweet, but in no ways overpowering. I love how it treats my skin. 4. Serum - Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum A slightly more concentrated moisturiser to apply after the first. Yes, Koreans have many steps (most of them moisturising ones) in their beauty routine, I've learned. But it really does amazing things to your skin. And once you get the hang of it, applying all these products every night doesn't really take a whole lot of extra time. It also cuts back on my makeup routine in the morning, because when my skin is naturally healthy, clear, and soft, I'd rather show it off than cover it up. ;) 5. Night Cream - Nature Republic Fresh Green Tea NOTE: This particular product is not sold on Amazon. I had to buy it on sale at my local Korean market because I was too scared to order anything over $10 that I wasn't sure about. But you can find any number of night creams here for the final step. I recommend something with green tea or aloe. Just apply at night onto clean, pampered skin, rub it in thoroughly, and sleep on it! Other Cosmetics/Extras I Found Useful/Worth Purchasing: Facial Scrub - Skin Food Black Sugar Mask** Use twice a week for a deeper facial cleanse than you regular cleanser. Apply a little, gently exfoliate, leave on, rinse off. If it goes on too thick, use a little water or toner to make it easier to scrub in. I'm always a little skeptical when it comes to facial scrubs, because I have moderately sensitive skin that can sometimes be too oily, and sometimes too dry, and some masks do next to nothing for me except make my face smell nice. But this is fantastic stuff! It rubs right into your skin, and washes off beautifully, leaving skin so, so soft and clean! I used to be super lazy about regular skin care, but since trying this out, I look forward to the days when I treat myself to using it. :) CC Cream - Lioele Dollish CC Cera-V CC Creams are much like BB Creams, (not a cream to match your skin colour, but a transparent foundation/primer) but if my experience with the two I've tried is any indication, CC Creams give more coverage and make the skin look more bright, white, and luminescent, rather than simply evening out the skin tone and providing SPF. Apply before any colour foundations, if you use them. Highlighter - Etude House Secret Beam Highlighter #1 Pink & White Mix To be brushed on over foundation in key spots to brighten the face even further. Goes on like a sheer fairy dust--just a bit of sparkle, but not like glitter. This isn't for a Labyrinth Masquerade ball, you know. ;) Face Mist - Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist Face Mist is something you apply whenever you choose, before or after makeup, to keep your face hydrated and fresh throughout the day. I carry a bottle in my purse and spritz a little on whenever I feel my face is tired. :) This particular mist I haven't tried yet, because my order hasn't arrived, but I bought a Nature Republic bamboo mist from my local Korean market, and I love it a lot. Products I Didn't Think Worth the Fuss: Face Masks- These are a huge hit in Korea, and they're fun to wear around the house to get a rise out of family members who think you look creepy. But for me they're too sticky, drippy, and overrated. I prefer the clay masks or avocado masks that you have to wash off after. Expensive Serums, Essence, Bee Toxin... anything over $20 a bottle I passed up. As I've discovered, you can get really great results with just the five things I listed above, and none of them are over $15. Most are under $10.

Good, very coarse though.

This product was good but not what I expected. A few things about this product that you might not expect: It is VERY coarse. If you have very sensitive skin DO NOT use this. If you're looking for an exfoliant you should look into the chemical variety. Cure is a very popular one. If you prefer Korean brands, Mizon has one as well. It smells very clean. I thought it would smell sugary, but it really doesn't. The container is SMALL. I know it says "100 grams" so I shouldn't have been surprised, bu the picture is very misguiding. I don't have crazy sensitive skin or anything, but this scrub is at most, a once a week scrub. It is very harsh in terms of texture, the formula in general is good though. This is great for treating black heads as well, so i recommend maybe just using it for that area is you're looking for a scrub to use multiple times a week.

by Charnell J. >> See more reviews


This product keeps my face so smooth and clear! I have severe acne and it's great for it, cleared my bumps!

good face scrub

it has a nice lovely black sugar smell, kinda feels hard and sticky in the container, but i mixed it with a bit water whenever i apply some of the scrub on my face. After i cleaned my face, my face feels very smooth and refreshed. highly recommend to give it a try!

... and foams and mask washes and this is the best thing EVER

I have used hundreds of different face cleansers and foams and mask washes and this is the best thing EVER! It has visibly made my skin softer and have more of a glow after just one use. I'm constantly touching my face because I'm shocked at how soft it is. I love how this is just a container without a pump because I travel a lot and find that pumps always manage to drip or break in my bag. The smell of this product is kind of like a soft lemon scent! It's amazing! My pimples and build up from all of my dead skin cells have cleared up almost completely after just a couple of washes!

Best Scrub Ever

This is definitely the best scrub i've used since i started exfoliating. I only wish it was 100% cream to avoid feeling the gritty particles, other than that, i absolutely love this product. *Tip: use on a slightly wet face or mix with a little bit of water or toner to minimize the gritty feeling on skin on first application before fully massaging the face.

by Tia Houston >> See more reviews

Wonderful Scrub Mask!

First time using a Korean product. I was looking for a black sugar polish but i think i found something that was wonderful for the price and great for the skin. I do not have irritations or any blemishes. It makes your skin feel smooth and soft after use and creates a fresh skin feel after use! I will buy this product again! and maybe try out some others!