Citrus lavender sea salt scrub polishes skin to perfection with a slew of naturally nourishing and exfoliating ingredients.
Manufacturer: Astara
Size: 16 oz


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quality product without a lot of fillers

I've been trying different salt scrubs lately, in an attempt to find the right one for me. This one is nice for a couple of reasons. First, I like that salt is the first ingredient. I've seen a few that had more glycerin or water, by weight, than they had salt. It's nice to know this salt scrub is mostly salt! (It sounds kind of silly to say that, but it's true.) This is a pretty low moisture salt scrub, which is good for another reason -- you're actually paying for the product, itself, instead of a lot of fillers. Second, the smell is lovely. I notice the lavender more than the bergamot. I'm happy that the fragrance comes from plant oils and is not artificial, and I'm glad that this product doesn't contain any artificial dyes. Third, this is gentle but effective. I have been using it for a couple of days in a row and have not experienced any irritation. Since I have sensitive skin, this is important. I've only been using it on my upper arms, which are problem areas for me (I want to make it last longer) and I can see some subtle signs of improvement already. This product is dense but easy to remove from the container. It spreads easily and washes off easily. I typically apply it while showering and rinse it off right afterwards. It rinses off without leaving residue. All-in-all, this is a nice product and it's definitely going on my short list of salt scrubs.

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First Time User

This is the first time I ever purchased and used these types of products. I am a 33 year old male in Active Army and a combat arms Soldier. The reason why I purchased this was because I have been looking for ways to feel good about myself, relax more often, and over-all improve my sense of well-being, and it started here. The citrus sea salt lavender by Astara was awesome. When I first used it I rubbed well into my skin and let it sit while I sat in a hot steamy shower making sure it didn't wash off prematurely. After a few minutes I rinsed off and finished my shower- I felt great afterwards. It made my skin feel fresh and it worked great to clear my lungs while in the shower. The only problem I have had with it, is keeping my wife away from it.

by Patricia Gann >> See more reviews

Smooth, silky skin is what this will give you!

Amazing product. I love how my skin feels after I use it. I am so happy that it is made with earth friendly and body friendly materials.