Buy Badedas Bath & Shower Gels - Badedas Revitalising Shower, Shampoo and Conditioner with Extract of Horse Chestnut 200ml/6.8oz. How-to-Use: Apply body wash to hands, loofah or wash cloth and lather. Cleanse body from the shoulders down and rinse.
Manufacturer: Badedas
Size: 6.8 Ounces


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by P. C. Kennedy >> See more reviews

Badedas in a Great Travel Package

Glad this is now available through Amazon. I used to search eBay when I needed more and then wait through an auction and long shipping from Germany. BADEDAS REVITALISING SHOWER has the same wonderful fragrance used in regular Badedas Bath Gel and is in a fantastic travel package -- perfect for a three-week trip (even for two people if you're careful). The flat shape and ingenious locking cap are sure to please you. I keep one in my travel bag. Although I think the all-in-one formula works well, at home I switch between products (as my stylist advised) and might use more or less conditioner, but for a trip, this product does the job simply and (IMO) you will smell wonderful! I think there's something about having a "whiff" of home that makes traveling less stressful, too. If you love the woodsy smell of Badedas, I predict you will also be very pleased with this product.

by D. Woolman >> See more reviews

Thick & Herbal

This is an excellent shower gel. It is very thick and has an exotic pine/herbal smell that I find very invigorating. It is mild and leaves the skin smooth. Doesn't foam as much as most US soaps.

by dennis nugent >> See more reviews

I have been using Badedas for years and was disappointed when they changed the formula

I have been using Badedas for years and was disappointed when they changed the formula. I was hoping that this product would use the original formula. As far as I can tell, there is little,if any difference between this product and the bubble bath. I will continue using Badedas, but would love to see a movement to compel the producers to return to the original formula.

by S. Hawkins >> See more reviews

Good winter shampoo

I really like this shampoo for several reasons. One, it smells like pine. I love that smell. The smell doesn't last as long as I'd like, but it still lasts for a few hours. Also, it's a shampoo and conditioner in one. It allows me to condition all my hair without making my hair greasy. However, in addition to this product, I would recommend putting a leave in conditioner on your tips.

by Constance Taylor >> See more reviews

All time favorite

Fresh, clean, natural scent. Lovely no overpowering healthy product. This is a good once in a while hair product as it might be too harsh for every day. I change my products day by day. This has an amazing great fresh smell and sometimes that's all I want.

by Jerome H. Gitomer >> See more reviews

Great product

My wife, who is very very particular and has tried literally dozens of premium hair products prefers Badedas over all of the other shampoos she has ever used (including those provided at the fancy hotels and luxury resorts).

by John Peternell >> See more reviews

Why change a great product?

It no longer has the same incredible scent that it had years ago when I started using it. It's OK, but not what I remember. Why change a great product?

by Toni Mazich >> See more reviews


This was a gift to someone who had used it 40 years ago. I had to buy some more because all he was doing was taking off the top and smelling it instead of washing himself with it.

Among my favorite body washes

This product cleans well, smells pleasant (that German green/herbal fragrance), and conditions the skin slightly - though I find it a bit drying as well. It lathers sufficiently but not lots, which ends up being a good thing, as it allows you to scrub your skin as you lather. It rinses off easily. In my experience the fragrance doesn't last long on the skin. I wish it came in a larger bottle, but overall I like this stuff. This product had to take the place of Fa Fresh, which I believe is discontinued as I cannot find it online or off any longer (Apr '13).

Love it!

It know it is an expensive indulgence but sometimes you just have to spend some money to make yourself feel better and lift your spirits. This simple product smells great and makes me feel better about facing the day. So if it is a little expensive, who cares? This is an indulgence I do for me and personally why save up the money to give it to bunch of ungrateful heirs who will squander it in a minute. Wow, I vented. I just like the product and if it is a bit pricey, I am okay with it because the smell just makes me feel good. Badedas is great!!!