New Designs Nail Art Stamper Image PlateIf you would like to see more high quality VAGA products, click on our brand name under the title of this listing.These VAGA stamping plates are fabulous and make a perfect addition to any nail art collection. The results are an eye catching, detailed and crisp nail design - probably impossible to implement in free hand or any other nail art technique.Helpful hints:Make sure you remove the protective plastic cover from the front of the plates before attempting to use. Wet a cotton ball w/ pure acetone and hold it with tweezers in order to avoid ruining the designs on your nails.Use the acetone soaked cotton ball to wipe nail polish off of the plates and stamper. The plate should be dry before applying more polish. Use a thick highly pigmented polish for stamping. Work fast! If you take too long the polish will dry on the plate or stamper and you will not get it to transfer. If you are working fast and the polish does not transfer try another type of polish, some polished are extra quick drying. Be gentle when you apply top coat or you may smear your design.
Manufacturer: VAGA
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cant cut yourself with these ones.which is a big plus. nice designs, easy to tranfer them onto your nails. seems like they are deeper and it makes image on the nail look sharper. over all i like them. but i shouldve looked at the images better .. dont know if i'll be using them whole lot

by cc armstrong >> See more reviews

cute designs

i really like this plate. lots of cute designs that stamp very crisp and clear. great price too. love cheeky plates!!

by L. Humble >> See more reviews

Stamps good

I found this product ok. It stamps good so I can't complain on that and some designs are intreressting. Personally I prefere the circle-plates because they are easier to stash away but this jumbo nail art image plate got the benefit of getting an easy overview of all the designs. Also it's nice that some of them got a mirrored version.

by C.Sheppard >> See more reviews

I love it!

Beautiful detailed designs that stamp flawlessly every time. I just can not say enough about how well this plate stamps. I highly recommend this to fellow nail art stampers.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews


Has reverse images that are fantastic for a professional looking manicure,. I will definetly be buying other Cheeky image plates. Arrived 2 days before expected

by readerSClusi >> See more reviews

Nail Design Plate

I really liked it. The designs are big though, sometimes they overlap my fingernail but that might just be me. Easy to clean and pretty, detailed designs.

Amazing XL plate by cheeky

Very detailed designs. I liked it a lot. I keep changing my nails twice every week now. Have recommended it to many people.

Good buy!

I enjoy every minute of owning my cheeky E plate. No regrets! It's a bit bulky because of the size, but I still love it. The designs are etched deep in the metal, thus the designs stamp really well.

Jumbo plate

Love these plates. Glad I purchased. I am pleased with the mirror images. Only makes sense. No one wants their nails to be all one direction. LOL These stamp great.

by R. Schroers >> See more reviews

great deal

This is a very good product with a good price. Nice quality and motives. The achieved stamping quality is phenomenal. I`m happy