A gentle cleansing, intensely hydrating shampoo that doesn't weigh down hair. Protein rich Anti-Aging Bioactives strengthen fine hair with nourishment, leaving it with enhanced body and healthy shine. SLS & Paraben Free. Color Safe. Dermatologist Recommended. 6,8fl.oz/200ml
Size: 6,8fl.oz/200ml


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by Laurie LoPresti >> See more reviews

Another great product

Julien Farel products are amazing! So happy my hair is so healthy again. I tell all my friends about their products! Once you see you hair becoming so healthy, you will never use another product again.

Like the conditioner a whole lot more and the hydrate restore more than both!

I reviewed the conditioner and much prefer it over the shampoo. I've used the conditioner with my regular shampoo and with the JF shampoo. I honestly can't say that the shampoo itself makes a huge difference as it's the conditioner that really works on my long medium hair. So if you're short on cash by the conditioner... if not try them both and see what you think! Let me know :)

by mfrances82 >> See more reviews

Totally different experience

I have fine, thin, colored hair and have tried LOTS of different shampoos and conditioners. This one is truly different for me! Both the shampoo and conditioner together leave my hair unknotted, smooth, and it also seems to deter the "frizzes" in humid weather. Will definitely order again!

by Melissa Anderson >> See more reviews


Good stuff! Saw it on Rachel Ray with a guest doctor. Tried it and loved it. It really changed the texture and feel of my hair, i had a lot of damage. I plan on buying more and keep using it!

by Pianogirl62 >> See more reviews

Very Ordinary and Not Worth the Price

It left my hair very tangled and frizzy. I don't understand the hype. I used it with the companion conditioner and was extremely disappointed.

by Patricia Crosson >> See more reviews

like it

I like this shampoo, it smells nice & has a nice lather & makes my hair feel good. I would buy again.


I got this shampoo on a subscription box. I have very fine, oily hair and it didn't do anything for me - negative or positive. It does have a very good scent, though. My daughter, however, has fuller hair that has been bleached/died repeatedly. She reported that this shampoo left her hair feeling very soft. So I think this is a case of YMMV

Great shampoo!

My stylist was surprised that I brought in my own shampoo, but she and I are both thrilled with it! My hair feels, and looks, thicker. She told me that my thinning, fine hair seemed much easier to style. I will definitely purchase this product again.

by M. Bauman >> See more reviews

Great Shampoo

Best Shampoo I've ever tried. My daughter uses it, too. She uses the normal to fine and I use the colored treated. Better than Living Proof and Wen products. I saw it on GMA and Josh said it got rid of his "cowlick". It got rid of mine, as well

Hydrate Shampoo

Average shampoo that does to my hair exactly as any other shampoo that cost fraction of this price. Will not buy it again.