Tape hair is very easy to apply and can be instantly applied to parted areas of the head
It is simple , completely invisible and giving all natural appearance
It looks like the hair is growing from your own scalp The hair is hand sewn into a a clear skin base and then, is attached to a durable double sided invisible adhesive tape
Material:100% Remy Human Hair
Length:16inch 30gram one pake>Br> Texture:Straight
Please follow the steps to apply them
1. part hair on scalp into section where application is desired
2. IMPORTANT: please warm to double sided tape ( 70-80 centigrage is ok ) by a straightener before using. The glue in the tape will be in perfect condition and can last a long time
3. peel off the label on the tape and apply to sections on the head where the wanted hair is desired
4. Pull a small section of your own hair over the small taped weft and repeat , and so your own hair is sandwiched between the 2 tapes of hair apply directly by using your hand and press with the double sided tape against the hair you sectioned off ( apply to very most upper part of sectioned hair, not directly on scalp )

Manufacturer: Xuchang Yongshun Hair-products Beauty Co., Ltd
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Nice extensions at a great price!

These arrived quickly and in great condition. They are soft, work well with heat-styling, and have amazing color. I found them easy to remove (no damage) by applying large amounts of coconut oil to the scalp & letting it sit for 15-20 minutes.

by kirstiboo >> See more reviews

These are fantastic. I've never used tape in before

These are fantastic. I've never used tape in before, so I was a bit clumsy at first but quickly discovered a quick and easy and foolproof way to put them in. These arrived ahead of the 6 week schedule (they were here in exactly 2 weeks) and in good condition. Soft and silky texture. Beautiful color. So far, they are holding up very well. I've had them in for 3 weeks, colored them twice and flat iron or curl them every day. No shedding. No fraying. These really are easy to install and feel so much better than clip ins. My biggest/important recommendations: --> these came in a 40pc pack. I would buy 2 (80pcs) for the ideal voluminous look. Having them thick will also help when you get them trimmed, otherwise you will lose the weight of them. --> recruit a friend to help when doing the back of your head as positioning can prove to be a bit awkward. --> buy a pack of the replacement tabs --> use a shampoo/conditioner/leave-in formulated for extensions (Miracle 7 for Extensions is a great product line. highly recommend). Overall, this was a great buy. Well made product. Worth the money and the wait. I'm very pleased with my purchase

by Tia Martindale >> See more reviews

I received exactly what I expected to. Product was ...

I received exactly what I expected to. Product was delivered in a very timely fashion...extentions were a bit thin, but still totally manageable.

by Mari Wölfin-Andersen >> See more reviews

thank you

i am adiccted, this extensions are good. And the price is good. I keep coming back for more

by Shelliensc >> See more reviews

The color brown match perfect. I have had these in for over a ...

I have used hot heads hair extensions for almost a year. I needed replacement but couldn't afford them so I tried these extentions. They are a little thinner than the hot heads so you probably need to order an extra package. The color brown match perfect. I have had these in for over a week and they seem to be fine, washed well. You must take care of these, condition with daily leave in or they will get dry.

Ok buy but wont but again...

I love this hair it came sooner than expected very soft to the touch but it sheds alot it took atleast 4 packs to do a full head because its very thing its like 20 pieces to a pack,it didn't fall out at all i had it in for a month

by Dina Stanziani >> See more reviews


The hair is soft but the smell is awful.I haven't worn them yet to see how they hold up to everyday wear.I will update my review and rating when I do !

Good price, fast shipping.

These are decent for the price, I thought they would take longer to get here but they shipped pretty fast! Putting them in today so I'm excited!

by Dayma chavez >> See more reviews

Three Stars

Some hair came out every thin.

by MISTY BRESTLE >> See more reviews

but they are very soft and are a pretty color.

have not had a chance to try them on yet, but they are very soft and are a pretty color.