100% of remy hair 20pcs 30g one set
Color: Brown


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by TrophyWife08 >> See more reviews

Love it

First off, I am 41 yr old white female, & not a hair stylist by any means. I got my shipment in about a week. If they have it in stock, shipments are fast with in the US but, if they have to order it from over sea's it could take 20 - 30 days. I was very impressed when I opened the package. The hair was very nice looking & they even trimmed the ends. With other hair I have gotten from other sellers, the ends were horrible & had to cut up to 3 inches off. That was not the case with these. I ordered 2 packs & was plenty for full head. It doesn't seem like it is when you first look at it. My hair is fine but, I have a lot of it. I was going for length. If you have thicker hair or want body, I would order 3 - 4 packs. I would also suggest before putting them on: have the oil glue remover, a flat iron set on lowest setting (to seal the pieces together & to help re-bond/touch up), have a plan on where each piece will go, & maybe even a friend to help. I did them myself in about an hour, This is my 3rd time doing tape in's. I have tried all the other types of extensions & the tape in's are the least amount of damage, other than clip ins. My hair is just below shoulders & in layers. I also have a bit of a red tint on my natural hair when the light hits it. These did not have that red to them but, they blend very well.

by MomWifeCoG >> See more reviews


I bought this not knowing what to expect. I got the hair a bit earlier than it estimated. This hair blended in perfectly with my own texture. It is so easy to put in. I work at a Cosmetology school and we put these in my hair as a demo for our students. NO ONE could tell after we put these in that they were extensions. I had a shaggy "Jennifer Lawrence" short cut and now I have a bob. One bag was enough to fill in the sides. This hair barely sheds! I have noticed only a few hairs falling out in the month I have had it in. I used a mini flat iron to seal the bond as we put them in so maybe that helps. They aren't slipping or fading. I can scrunch curls into the hair with just a little product. It has enough of a wave to hold. No tangling. I shampoo two to three times a week and always let the conditioner set on for a few minutes. After the first shampoo (I waited 24 hours because I read that somewhere) it held curl better than it did the first day. I didn't see any greys in it when I got it. I did read other reviews that said it is lighter than an expected 1B. I would call it a 3N. I colored my hair a few days before we put these in with an 03N in Redken Shades EQ and the extensions matched it perfectly. All in all totally worth the low cost and moderate wait (considering it comes from half way around the world). I will definitely buy from them again. For now my extensions are holding steady and I hardly notice they are there!

Very Pleased!

I ordered 7 packages of this hair and was surprised that it took a little over a week to arrive. It was estimated to take over a month for shipping. When I received the hair I was impressed by the quality of it. I have had it in for over a week now and the tape seems to be holding up ok. I have flat ironed it and it held up very well. I would recommend it to anyone looking for tape in extensions.

by kirstiboo >> See more reviews

Not recommended for long term use

Installed these on 11/15. They were soft and beautiful and snaggle free until a few days ago. I have removed them from my hair 12/31. These can not be 100% human hair. Human hair doesn't do that. Also, the tapes are not good. They're shiny and obvious under the hair and were constantly needing to be replaced. These are an ok purchase if you're just using for a few days. Not good for long term use/wear

Good luck! Hope that helps

Took longer than expected and I was tired of waiting so I purchased it elsewhere for more money! But if you are not in any hurry then this is a 5 star product! Good luck! Hope that helps!

by Christine Candelario >> See more reviews

the 1st week or 2 they looked great but once you start washing and drying your hair ...

I put them in, the 1st week or 2 they looked great but once you start washing and drying your hair they get frizzy and there is no way to correct that. It says Human hair but im not sure if they really are, human hair wouldn't frizz like this. I probably wouldn't buy them again and go for something a little more expensive.

by jozlynjizzle >> See more reviews

I personally think it's perfect

The cheapest I've ever spent on hair extensions. I was amazed by how nice the hair looked I just ordered some more and it was free shipping to top it off.

One Star

The hair doesn't last long I just brought it the tape doesn't hold very well at all

by Miguel Angel >> See more reviews

... could be a little fuller but the hair its fine for the

they could be a little fuller but the hair its fine for the price

by Angelle Merrill >> See more reviews

Gorgeous Hair!!!

Silky, soft and super easy to install. Based on other reviews, I went ahead and purchased stronger tape at the time of purchase. I'm glad I did because the tape it comes with does not create a strong bond. The hair itself is beautiful and although it did not absorb color well, it retained it's original texture after coloring.