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by A. Anderson >> See more reviews

Fantastic Holiday gifts!!!

Super fast shipping even with the holiday rush of packages going through the postal service. I would most definitely recommend this seller if you're looking for a quality product. The individual soap boxes were a bit beat up but with the fact that the package it was mailed in was a soft cardboard Flat Rate box I can't complain too much. Besides, the soaps are sealed in a plastic wrap and that's ultimately what I was paying for and the soap itself arrived in great shape. I gave a bar of this wonderful soap out to each of my family members and they adore it! We love Indian spices and scents. Mysore soaps are worth searching online for. Just a friendly note to those who may be a little put off by the rather strong odor of lye when first opening the plastic wrap around the soap: wash your hands with the soap and then leave the soap out to dry. The smell will dissipate. Promise! I think that the lye smell comes from being packaged up so quickly after being poured in the mold. I only use my Mysore Sandal Soap on my face but I leave it out on the counter top in my bathroom. It's an automatic air freshener! (I consider this a two-in-one type of product.) For those of us who have natural dreadlocks: you can slice or grate a few small slivers of this soap and put it in a cup of warm water to melt. Use it as a scalp and hair shampoo. Aromatic and divine feeling clean hair.

by Carol Anspach >> See more reviews

Just like being back in India!

I always loved this soap while living in India and it is so nice to have it so easily available! All service was prompt!


awesome soap. feel clean and makes bathroom smell nice too. Really good product I'd say. I use it every day.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Swindled Again

Its hard to believe the reviewers when half say one thing and half say another. Half say it stinks and half says its perfect wonderful. Maybe its paid reviews, but when i bought this I swore i read somewhere that it had actual sandalwood oil in it. What it does have is Fragrance oil based on sandalwood oil...WTF. I feel ripped off. Not only does it barely, (if even) smell like sandalwood, but it does not feel smooth on the skin. I had to wash this soap off with some other soap because i could still feel it on my skin. No powerful sandalwood aroma before, during or after the shower. I should have known for the price.

Mysore Sandal Soap

My husband and I used to be able to find this soap in San Diego, CA. at an Indian market. Since then the market has downsized with the way of the economy and they no longer were able to supply us with a case of soap. It is one of two Sandal soaps my husband uses. Thanks to Amazon for giving us the opportunity to find such a good soap, on line.

by Todd Bush >> See more reviews

Best Soap Ever!

The clean, gentle aroma of the Mysore Sandal soap is so much more pleasant that similar products that are over-powering. It is easy on the skin yet very effective. I have used it for several years and it remains my favorite soap of all time.

Probably Not What You're Looking For

This soap smells nothing like the true scent of sandalwood, however it's not a disagreeable smell. It mostly smells of ash. If you're looking for an astringent, this is the product for you. It is also very drying... but not good for dreads.

Good Soap and Good Customer Service

..........just bought these soaps...... they smell great and they lather fantastically........ ........and their customer service is very attentive........ ........a great overall shopping experience................

by Brandy L Drayton >> See more reviews

if you have breakouts...if you want to remove makeup...get this

This soap is amazing! I no longer use acne medicine. This helped with my breakouts and cleans makeup from skin effortlessly! Its worth ordering if they don't sell it in your town.Its the only soap we use now!!!

by Stanley Garcia >> See more reviews

Good but to much Perfume

Lasted for awhile, but has more of an essential oil, perfume sandlewood smell, I was looking for more of a tree bark natural sandlewood. I would recommend everyman Jack.