Dark and Lovely Reviving Semi-Permanent Hair Color is a gentle formula that lets you color even after a relaxer treatment. Natural looking black color which covers gray up to 100% and rejuvenates ever strand with advanced moisturizers and vital ingredients.
Color: Natural Black
Manufacturer: Dark and Lovely
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by andrea harris >> See more reviews

I love Dark and Lovely Reviving spice auburn

I am an African American woman with relaxed hair. I have been using this product for about 5 years. I started using the Dark and Lovely temporary color because my hair would always start growing nicely and then break off. Usually a really short spot in the back and i would have to cut my hair. Now my hair is past my shoulders. I also love the fact i can relax my hair the same day. Last year Sally's stop stocking it so i found it online. I have tried several others but this is the best. I get a lot of compliments. Especially because people think i have highlights, but it is really the gray that colors lighter :)

by MissPerry >> See more reviews


I love this semi-permanent hair color. It has built in detangler so it makes it really easy to comb through. Excess dye washes right off of scalp, doesn't have an odor, and doesn't burn the scalp . My last application was about 4 months ago, so I can say that it did last longer than expected. Doesn't contain peroxide or ammonia so I applied after my relaxer and my hair looks amazing! I will continue to use this!

by B. Johnson >> See more reviews

Dark and Lovely

I have been using this product for over 10yrs, I love it because it washes out after a few shampoo's if you decide to change color. I like the ebone brown color because it covers gray very well and leaves a reddish tint on black hair

by Ziba Vali-coleman >> See more reviews

Not effective

It is not what it advertises. My grey hairs where not covered and the rest of my hair had a dull look to it.

by J. Parker >> See more reviews

Color didn't take well

I am biracial and my hair is dark brown so I figured it would be easy for the color to take, but it didn't. My hair is only a shade darker which really isn't that much noticeable. No one else could tell. Only I could. It's been about 2 weeks since I used the product and I'm already looking for another.

by E. S. Miller >> See more reviews


I used the Ebone Brown. After shampooing my hair I applied the color, placed a plastic bag over my head, and sat under a hooded dryer for 35 minutes. Afterwards I let the color remain in my hair for another hour (I have very resistant gray, especially in the temple area and around the front of my face). My gray is completely covered, however my hair looks black. It will probably lighten after the 1st shampoo. The next time I think that I will try the Spicy Auburn.

Chemistry...is an amazing thing!

Well any time you can find a product where you can dye your own hair at home and perm it on the same day is amazing in itself! I do not have the time nor the finances to sit at the salon for hours any more (sadness), but the color is reach not much stripping of the color from the perm process..so I would recommend this product. However I've only used the black dye, I have not used any other dye color/perm the same day product on my hair from D & L. But I've used this product many times before no complaints thus far and if I see it for a reasonable price I buy, I buy!

by ShortNSweet1 >> See more reviews


I haven't used the box I purchased here, but I have used this product in the past. Follow the directions, and it will cover gray or refresh and give shine to dull black hair. I will be using this in between my permanent hair colorings to prevent damage. I just wish more conditioner was put in the box which is the reason why I only gave it 4 stars. I have no other complaints.

by Dancing Dragon >> See more reviews

Half right

This did not cover my roots completely. I have dark brown roots trying to dye them black. I had to dye my hair again with a different product. It does how ever leave your hair soft. And it's ready to use... No mixing. I wouldn't purchase this for light hair types trying to go black

PJ's review

Thumbs up! Received product in an amazingly timely fashion -- before I expected it. Will definitely do business with them again and again. Timesaver for those of us without transportation to run from one store to another. This is the place to order.