1.Length: 30cm; Weight: 150g
2.The wig is made of quality synthetic fibre
3.It's soft and natural looking
4.One size fits most people
Color: pink red
Manufacturer: QIYUN.Z
Size: one size fits most people


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Great for cosplay

This is a wonderful wig, especially for the price. It does require a fair amount of styling due to the fact that when it comes, the bangs are the same length as the rest of the hair. However, it isn't too hard to fix them with some scissors and the help of tutorials on youtube. This is a great wig for a fraction of the price you might see on more popular wig sites.

by Christine >> See more reviews

Nice Wig

I bought this wig for a cosplay, and so far it's working quite well! Will require teasing to resemble Sakura's hair cut more closely, but if you're patient, it's worth it.

by Amber Croston >> See more reviews

Really disappointing.

This is honestly such a bad wig. I'm glad I was buying it for a Cheshire Cat cosplay and not Sakura because if I had wanted to be Sakura, I would have been disappointed. The wig is much to short and a darker shade of pink than Sakura's hair. I was excited to try this on because I've had really good experiences with wigs. It looks very good in the package and in general, it feels fine. But the second I put it on my head, I realized how cheap it looked. It was far too poofy and didn't fit my face right (the space between the wig and my face is way too wide). This would never pass for hair. It looks like a party wig or something a whimsical prostitute would wear. Not a good one either, a very cheap one. The bangs come extremely long on the sides, which would be nice for styling except that in the middle, the hair is so short you can see my hairline. I don't have a widows peak but if you do, this wig would be absolutely useless to you. It's still useable but it'll take a ton of styling that I don't have a lot of time for. Especially since it came with a bit of a smell.

by sam whetstine >> See more reviews

Worth the money.

Decent wig. Got to me very fast. Way ahead of schedule.

by Jordan Love >> See more reviews

good wig

Worked great for my Sakura Cosplay!

by Kiumi Uchiha >> See more reviews

Overall, Great Wig!

This Wig is soft, and styles well. I got it for a Sakura Cosplay a friend wanted me to do. (I don't really like her character, but it's w/e lol) The wig is a light pink and looks realistic. Great buy, Happy it came fast too!

by Jaime gibbs >> See more reviews


wig was shorter in the back then pictured. alittle hard to style. but it was just used acouple days so whatever

Really great ^_^

Love it & fast shipping & I was shock to get a wig cap & a really cute cell phone charm with the wig ^_^

by Birtie Bunny Cosplay >> See more reviews

Great wig!

This wig is perfect for my Midnight Bunny cosplay! It's not too shiny and it does not tangle. I love it!


It is much too pink for my taste for Sakura and the bangs do not part correctly. Keep looking.