Light up the room with your soft and gorgeous glow. Jane's Multi-Colored Cheek Powders come in a bouquet of flattering colors, delivering a just-pinched flush with a petal soft finish. A high-performance product at an affordable price, you can use hues alone or swirl them together to customize. Each cheek powder is embossed with the brand's signature blooms-Jane's symbol for empowering women and inspiring social good.
Manufacturer: Jane Cosmetics
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Great matte blush

Great matte blush! I absolutely love the peachy color. It can be used sheer or it can be built up. The fact that you have the orangy peachy side and the pink rise of the blush lets you choose if you want to wear more pink or orange or a mix between the two shades.

full option blush

This product saved me from getting different shades of brush, as you get shades in one. It doesn't look blotchy when applied onto the skin. It looks soft and blends into your make up perfectly. I'd definitely repurchase this.

New to make up

I brought this product as a way to learn and play with different colors. Never wore make up but I love this and its very easy to use

by TIFFANI THOMPSON >> See more reviews


It is okay, I did a few swatches and the blush is smooth. I was looking for more of a wow but it is good.

by P. L. Mclaughlin >> See more reviews

Love it!

Great colors, great product. NO smell!! No fragrance at all which I love.

Total waste.

Reached all broken into powder.

by Hasan Mustafa >> See more reviews

Five Stars

I cant wait to try