You might say that Badedas Classic Bubble Bath from Germany is the one that started it all. The Badedas formula was copied by Vitabath when it initiated the bubble bath craze here in the U.S. in the 80's. But savvy travelers and bathers in the know have been seeking out this hard-to-find original formula for decades. Made with horse chestnut, cedar wood and light patchouli, the natural, forest-like Badedas leaves your skin revitalized, moisturized and smelling wonderful. Made with horse chestnut, cedar wood and light patchouli. A revitalizing and delicate fragrance. Product of Germany.
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New formula lost us.

We have been using this product for many years and it seems the "new" product is not as good as the original formula. It does not produce the foam as it use to. If they bring back the original product I will continue to purchase it, but for now I will use other products that provide the greater suds.

by gr8universe >> See more reviews

The product is nothing like the original classic Badedas bath gel

I should have read the previous reviews before I ordered this. The product is nothing like the original classic Badedas bath gel. The original color was bright forest green. The "Improved" newer version is a pale blue and much thinner than the original. The smell is similar, but nothing even close to the nose filling horse chestnut odor of the original. The new product doesn't foam as well either. I will not buy this again.

by Inna Sandler >> See more reviews

NOT Authentic

I have order Badedas Classic Original Vital Bad Bath Gel in the past. However, this product is NOT what it used to be. The smell is the same, but the quality is much worse. Very disappointing. Will not order again. Have doubts it's authentic

by Frank konigsberg >> See more reviews

Bad Badedas

Instead of the original Badedas, the shipment was the "improved" formula per a stuck on label. It may have improved for the maker but not for the user. I would not have ordered if I had known about the "improvement".

by LUCILLE T. LAMBERT >> See more reviews

Questionable Product

The product I received is very disappointing. When compared with the same "Classic" store-bought product I have used for at least fifteen years, this product has no scent; the colour is very different; and it lathers much less. It does not have 2 of the colours in my usual product; and contains 3 ingredients plus 1 colour that are not in my store-bought product. In all of my years of purchasing from this website I have had mostly excellent results. However, I was similarly disappointed when I purchased a bottle of Chanel No. 5 from this web store. In the future I will buy these types of products from my local store.

by Heide Mavers >> See more reviews

a fine product I have used for 50 years

BADEDAS, a fine product I have used for 50 years, and which has no doubt been available for 100 years, has been turned in to TOTAL JUNK! A pleasant pine color and pine scent now STINKS and looks like DIRTY DISHWATER. I gave it away, would not use it on a pet Skunk, much less a Dog! I thought I was purchasing the ORIGINAL BADEDAS, instead, I got the NEW IMPROVED JUNK.

One star means "I hate it". It borders on false advertising

One star means "I hate it". It borders on false advertising! Like many other customers, I was UNPLEASENTLY surprised when this product was NOT the "Original" product it claimed to be. Even the color is not the same. It is a compleatly different product than what's advertised. Please look elsewhere if you want the real thing. Cavet Emptor!

by Renate Wilkinson >> See more reviews

... is not the original Classic version which I have enjoyed for over 40 years

This purchased Badedas is not the original Classic version which I have enjoyed for over 40 years. The gel is now blueish green and very liquid, while the original version was yellow green and very thick gel form. For any future purchasers of this product, please be advised that you will be very disappointed. It was just too much trouble to return the 2 bottles I purchased, but I will never again buy this product.

Shame on you, Unilever. Shame.

Adding my vote of disappointment to the overwhelming number of recent negative reviews from people who knew the original. At first I thought the pack I'd purchased was a knock-off. But on scouring the internet I realized my bottle was indeed genuine, only it was made after Unilever bought Badedas. I grew up with this wonderful product and continued using it into adulthood as a little bit of luxury and reminder of home, happy to pay extra for a quality bath gel. But on acquiring the original company -- or the rights or whatever -- Unilever has utterly ruined this once great brand. A big part of the product's charm was always its distinct scent, but the Unilever version smells cheap -- even off-putting. The feel isn't the same, the suds aren't as luxurious and the color is completely different. It's beyond me how Unilever could make the decision to buy a popular brand and then completely reengineer it to the point where it is unrecognizable, except for the packaging. I'd rather see this new Badedas die a natural death than continue to be produced as a pale (putrescent) shadow of its former self. Actually, I'd really rather Unilever admit their mistake and bring back the old formula, but I can't see that happening. If you knew and loved the original "original" Badedas, save yourself the disappointment of buying this poor facsimile.

Lovely bubbles

I throughly enjoy Badedas. I struggle to find a decent bubble bath and this one checks all the boxes: lots of bubbles that last, lovely smell and cost effective (you only need a teaspoonful!).