100 Pct. recycled plastics in handle, including recycled yogurt cups. Curved handle for an effective and thorough cleaning. Virgin nylon bristles with softer outer rows protect your gums and tooth enamel. Tri-level rows cup your teeth at 45 angle and clean between teeth and gums.
Manufacturer: Frontier Natural Products Co-op
Size: 1 ea
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by Ana Mardoll >> See more reviews

Better than "Regular" Brushes

Preserve Toothbrush, Soft / B000MUDJBU I bought these toothbrushes because they were made of recycled plastic, and I feel enough guilt over the state of the planet as is, without having to stress over toothbrush purchases. What I did not expect, however, is that I would end up liking these brushes better than the ones I was using. I was concerned when I saw the curved shape of the toothbrush, but within seconds of using the brush for the first time, I felt that the brush was easier to hold and use than the straight brushes I've used all my life. I was amazed at how quickly my fingers adapted to the new shape! The bristles are also wonderfully soft, perfect for my sensitive gums. Brushing is now less painful and more efficient, and it is easier to reach my back teeth with the curved handle. All that and I feel slightly less guilty about my toothbrush. And I don't have to drive all the way to the store to pick these up! I couldn't be happier with these brushes. ~ Ana Mardoll

Great Brush!

I thought the curved handle was just a marketing gimmick, but it really makes it easier to hold on to the brush. The bristles are very soft. I'm surprised to find that I really like this brush! I'm going to give the ultrasoft one a try next time. Highly recommened! You can also send this back to Preserve using a pre-maid postage label that you can print from their website to recycle the Preserve the toothbrush. Highly recommended!

by F. Newsom >> See more reviews

Great toothbrush!

I LOVE these toothbrushes. I have a small mouth, and I can get to my very back teeth with ease. The shape of the handle takes a bit of getting used to, but I like it a lot better than regular handles. I am hooked!

by Audio Maven >> See more reviews

awkward shape, glad its good for environment

The design of this toothbrush was a little awkward to me. I guess its subjective but never feels exactly right. The angle is wrong for the way I am used to brushing my teeth. The case is nice and doubles as a travel case so don't throw it away. The bristles are fine. The toothbrushes come with a mailer so you can mail them in when you're finished with them. Thus completing the recycle process.

Great Eco Friendly Toothbrush

There's really not much to not like about these toothbrushes. I first started buying them at Trader Joes, but then saw that Amazon offered a bulk pack. The price is right and I feel good about using eco-friendly toothbrushes. These toothbrushes can be sent back to the manufacturer (they pay the postage) for recycling. I would recommend these toothbrushes to any eco-minded consumer.

Love This Brush!

I like these brushes and use them with Marvis toothpastes. Great combo; effective yet gentle. I got tired of the noise and vibration of my electric brush, to say nothing of the cord and the fact that it was ugly. Teeth were also feeling a bit abused and decided I needed something very effective but less harsh. Also, didn't want a brush sitting on my counter that looked like spaceship or anything other than what it was. i love the soft bristles and the colors are good, too. The recycling aspect of this brush was not an influence, but rather it's softness and maneuverability. The curved handle will initially feel different and possibly a little awkward but quickly segues into feeling just right. This brush is simple, low tech, high quality, and works exactly the way I hoped it would Highly recommend.

Excellent toothbrushes

Great toothbrushes that are recycled plastic. Lots of color. Soft gentle bristles for sensitive teeth and gums. Another plus: they fit in my toothbrush holder. The heads aren't too big so you can maneuver them easily

by simyacfam >> See more reviews

Excellet product!

Great purchase. Excellent product. I really like the curve of this toothbrush, it perfectly shaped for brushing in up and down strokes. Which considering I hate flossing works great for me. Will purchase again:)

by J. Paschal >> See more reviews

Absolutely THE BEST toothbrush EVER!

I know, I know, one may be thinking, "it's just a toothbrush". But this is so much better than your average toothbrush! Some commercial toothbrush bristles are made from boar hair, and most of the major companies that sell toothbrushes test on animals. I don't want to support those major commercial brands that contribute to animal cruelty. Preserve Toothbrushes are made from 100% recycled materials. Cruelty free, and no animal derived ingredients. I thought at first that I'd be annoyed with the curve in the handle, but honestly it really does make it feel more comfortable in my hand. And, the bristles are actually soft. I've noticed that the "soft" bristle commercial toothbrushes I bought in recent years have gotten harder and harder on my teeth. I also like the fact that it's made from all recycled materials and you can send it back to them when you are done using it; postage paid, for them to reprocess into plastic lumber. I can't see myself EVER buying another toothbrush from the grocery store or local drugstores again! I'm very happy and surprisingly satisfied with this choice, and I definitely recommend it!

by Kitten Kisser >> See more reviews

Good Cause Needs Improvement

It's great that these are recycled & can be returned for recycling. It would be perfect if I could drop them in my recycle bin! I thought I'd be able to return each brush after is life was up. It seems that you need to wait to send more at a time. I was annoyed with this, not wanting a collection of used toothbrushes. So I throw them out. The packaging seems wasteful by putting each brush in an individual case. On the other hand, if you are using these for work or travel, the case is rather handy! I purchased the soft bristles but feel they could be softer. I will consider giving these one more try with the ultra soft. The shape is a little odd & they fit weird in the toothbrush holder. At least they fit! There are other brands that have such fancy dancy handles that I can't even fit them in the holder! Overall, if you don't mind holding on to your used brushes for a while before mailing them in & want to do something to green your life & our planet, then I would get these brushes and feel good about it.

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