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not long lasting

It cleans but the smell doesn't last like other shampoos. I also have not experienced woman tearing my clothes off me like the commercial. Maybe they could make a brand that smells like hundred dollar bills.

by K. S. Stephens >> See more reviews

You trade time for quality

To begin with, I'm not really a hair guy, and I'm not really an Axe guy, but I liked their body gel, so I thought I'd give their two-in-one Shampoo and Conditioner a try. Now it DOES make your hair smell good for a time, and the two-in-one is a time saver, but the quality of the conditioner is not the best. My hair was a lot softer, and with less split ends (girlfriend's opinion) when I used separate shampoo and conditioners. But this stuff does work, and work fast. So its really a trade off, time vs efficiency.


this 2 in 1 shampoo works great. it lathers up well and rinses off well, and leaves hair nice and soft, it also smells good. I will be buying this shampoo again.

good product

this is a product that really works well, men your ladies and other people around will like it too!!!buy today

by A. Taylor >> See more reviews

Great Shampoo with Light Conditioner Included

For those of us that like a little conditioner once in a while but hate that super thick oily buttery feeling that some of them leave on our hair... this is the ticket! Smells great, works as a great cleansing shampoo, and adds a bit of conditioning if your hair is feeling a bit too dry. Alternate between this and your other favorite Axe brand shampoo and you've got a winning combo. Love the thick gel, love the fragrance, and love the packaging! It's push button flip top cap works really well for one-handed use in the shower. No more dropping the cap in the tub.

Axe Dual 2 in 1 = WIN!

I've been using Axe products for a long while now and all their Shampoo has worked very well. This has got to be my favorite so far! I usually shampoo twice everyday, this has made my hair "irresistable" and I get girls telling me I "Smell Nice" or my hair is "REALLY SOFT!". This comes with enough for a a few months, especially if you dont shower everyday (every other day?). Great Product, now I'm off to experimenting with other Axe products,... Trying "Heat" next! 5/5

by Bindy Sue Frønkünschtein >> See more reviews

Thankfully, It Doesn't Smell Like It Looks!...

Ok, first off, this stuff smells great! I don't know if it will cause women to kill each other to get to me, but I like it! That said, what's up w/ the color? Dark brown?? I don't mean the good, chocolaty brown either, if you catch my drift! Once, I spilled some in the shower, and brown foam erupted everywhere! When I looked down, it looked like I was standing in sewer water! Yeccch! Anyway, aesthetics aside, this is great smelling shampoo...

by Tim the bodybuilder. >> See more reviews

Well Worth It!

Wow! This product is awesome! Can't believe the volume and lift it gave my hair. I wear the classic look and this stuff rocks when I add my other hair products (like American Crew and Redken) along with blow drying. Makes my hair look fuller and thicker than before. I probably wouldn't have even tried this except for the fact that it came in a gift set along with other Axe products I use.

Great Product!

I used to use Shampoo and Conditioner that was fairly generic, and decided I needed something better. Then I switched to Axe Shampoo and Axe Conditioner (separate), but that took way too long in the morning. To fix that problem I switched to this product and it works great. It smells really good, too, as with all Axe Products. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Great 2-in-1 shampoo, no need for conditioner, better than expensive salon shampoos costing more

I love this shampoo. It's a 2-in-1, and I rarely, if every, use conditioner since I've started using this shampoo. I wash my hair daily with it and it's great. It beats all of the fancy salon shampoos I have tried and this Axe is significantly less expensive than those. Highly recommended.