Lipfinity # 020 angelic by Max Factor for women 4.2 gram lip stick. Lipfinity # 020 angelic was launched by the design house of Max Factor. It is recommended for daily use. Please store in a cool dry place. 4.2 gram lip stick.
Color: 020 Angelic
Manufacturer: PerfumeWorldWide, Inc.
Size: 4.2 g
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by WendyWendi >> See more reviews

Converted this lipstick hater!

I *never* wear lipstick -- I just use lip balm with no color. I can't stand getting lipstick on people when I kiss them, getting it on cups when I'm drinking, and having to reapply it all day long. I received a Lipfinity sample in the mail and finally tried it this past weekend when I was in a wedding--one of the very few times I actually broke down and wore lipstick. I didn't even realize it was supposed to be long-lasting lipstick until I took a drink and saw there was no lipstick residue on the rim of my cup. I was able to go through the day--through the wedding ceremony, pictures and reception--without having to reapply my lipstick. I like this lipstick enough that I am actually going to buy it and use it on a daily basis! I can deal with a lipstick I apply once in the morning and then forget about it. I really recommend Lipfinity -- it actually made me like lipstick for the first time in 25 years!

the only lip stain that stays on, that is glossy looking

this brand and this particular color is the best lip stain. I have used it for years. Other colors from Max Factor and other brands will come off and also may feel like little bits on your lip, particularly if you try to re-apply. it is such a shame this is discontinued. This is the same color/product as Covergirl Coral 575 (I called Procter & Gamble to find out) but the Covergirl gloss is not as shiny I find.

Love this product!!

I can't believe I can no longer get this! It is the best on the market! Every other lipstick fades away - even those that promise 16 hour color. Max Factor actually delivers. I don't know what I will do when they are all gone!

by patriciav2 >> See more reviews

my lipstick

I rate this product as the best Iever used it stays on all day compared to others I have used

by Ellen M. Peacock >> See more reviews

Great Lipstick

So glad I could find this item on Amazon as I couldn't find it in any stores. It's a great long lasting lipstick that doesn't dry my lips and one that I've used for many years. Thanks Amazon for providing this product.

by RENWAGNER >> See more reviews

Great Product

I haved Max Factor Infnitity for years. Then, suddenly, it was no longer available in local stores. I did an Internet search and found it on your site. I hope the product will be available for a long time, because I will be a repeat customer.

Good Product

I love the product, have used it for years. My complaint is the lack of availability locally and the increased price to buy it on line.

by Kathy Schultz >> See more reviews

Lipfinity lip stain

I have used this for years. I love the color "Sultry" and the fact that it is long lasting. I can no longer find it in the stores but an internet search found it for me. Shipped directly from the manufacturer works for me. So pleased to be able to purchase my loved product.

very pleased

Even though it took me some time to find what I was looking for,I was so pleased with the price,the speed of delivery and the lipstick was fresh. I will look to you again when I need this product and many more.Thank you for such great service and superior products. Barbara Nobles

by Linda K. Smith >> See more reviews

Max Factor Lipfinity 120 Hot Rules

Prompt delivery, very good product, long lasting lipstick. Been a fan of Max Factor forever. sorry they left the states. Very happy I could get it online for a very reasonable price. Thank you so much for being online Max Factor.