L.A. Girl Calcium Nail Build strengthens the growth of natural nails.
Manufacturer: BEAUTY 21 COSMETICS, INC


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So far so good.

I just started using this product about a week ago. I'm at dental assistant and I was my hands at least 50 times a day and my nails were showing it! My nails were becoming so brittle and gross. So far, Im in love! I LOVE the gloss it gives my natural nails and my nails look stronger. I will DEFINITELY continue using this product. I've heard great things about using it as a base coat and top coat even (haven't tried but I'm tempted) Ps. I bought mine at Sally's for 4.00 (on sale I think) , I love amazon but I love having the product in hand when I want it.

Excellent Product

I have used this product for over 6 years giving me strong healthy nails. I moved from CA and they don't carry it here in TX. Have to have it!!! The best calcium product out there for me. Try it if your nails are weak and brittle! Love it!!!!!

Five Stars

Helps my nails grown

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Five Stars

Excellent product -