11 Piece Brush Collection - Black -Our Ultra-Luxe, Studio Brush Collection Set contains eleven of our Professional Makeup Brushes... each one designed, tested and proven by a team of makeup artist pros to provide precision application every time. One of our most popular Makeup Brush Collection Sets, the Studio 11 Brushes are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand - with everything you need to create a flawless finish! This Professional Brush Collection Set is ideal for any makeup artist at heart, at home or on the go. Perfect for traveling or for your busy, fast-paced lifestyle. You'll love how you can quickly grab and store any of the 11 Studio Brushes included without taking up a lot of space. Our customers rave about what a time-saver these easy-to-use, easy-to-hold, and easy-to-love brushes are - whether going out for a night or going away for a week! And the Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection features a sleek, water-resistant case that holds and protects the full collection of beautiful, high-quality brushes. Talk about a great gift! The Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection Includes: Sleek, Water-Resistant Case, eyeshadow "C" brush, complexion brush, small angled brush, small smudge brush, fan brush, powder brush, angled foundation brush, concealer brush, small precision brush, blush brush, contouring brush.
Color: Black
Manufacturer: e.l.f.
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They're nice

I am a beginner so I don't know much about brushes, so I figured this kit would be a nice way for me to introduce myself to the different brushes and techniques to applying makeup. I really appreciated how each brush was labeled and how inside there is a sheet of paper that lists the uses for each brush in the kit. Every other review is correct, the kit does come smelling very strongly of what I thought to be permanent marker. One of the brushes is assembled poorly and the top is about to fall off, but of course a simple application of superglue can fix that. However, I do not like how the eyeshadow brushes don't hold light colors very well. When I apply my base eyeshadow I still have to use the sponges that come with the shadow for free considering they apply them better than the brushes, which is the sole purpose of why I wanted make up brushes. Yet the other brushes seem to do a fair job and do nicely with providing the correct angles for my makeup not to look awkward on my face. Overall I'd say this is a fair product.

by Taylor Eckert >> See more reviews

non makeup artist

I'm no make up artist, so i didnt want to spend massive amounts of money on brushes. These brushes are great, only thing is the wooden stick and the metal that holds the brush together separates, but can be easily fixed with a glue gun.

Not the Best

If you are looking for affordable starter brushes, this is what you are looking for right here. Not so great quality, the big brush broke in half one of the first times I was using it - but everything else got the job done in its most basic form.

by mimilovee >> See more reviews

Great Brushes,

Got my brushes on time, very fast shipping with this seller, love the brushes, have a little scent of bad smell, but i will get over, it overall the brushes are great they are super soft, at a great price, just love, them

by Miss Miami Heat >> See more reviews



by Nafrettifi Shabazz >> See more reviews

Great super soft brush set!

I love this set! It has everything that I need. The brushes are super soft and the case that the brushes come in is great.

by S. Woodward >> See more reviews

Nice Set

This is a very nice collection of make up brushes. I have been usually them daily. I have not had any issues with hair shedding. They clean up well and the storage case is an added bonus to keep up with them all.

by Dianna Seymour >> See more reviews

The set is ok the brush handles come loose I ...

The set is ok the brush handles come loose I will not purchase again. But if you are a beginner and looking for a affordable brush set you can go with this. Just have to crazy glue the handles them back on.

by sharon rodriguez >> See more reviews

E.l.f.brush set

This is one of the best brush sets I own. It was beautifully packaged and had its own brush case. For the money it's a wonderful starter set. I would recommend this product to everyone I know.

A lot of girls recommended these brushes to me and I thought it would ...

A lot of girls recommended these brushes to me and I thought it would be a good deal to buy the whole set in amazon. The hairs fall easily and the makeup doesn't stick to the brushes.