Fifth Avenue comes in GIFTSET (EDP SPR 4.25 oz.+ PARFUM 3.7 ML + B/L 3.3 oz ) Launched by the design house of Elizabeth Arden in 1996, FIFTH AVENUE PERFUME is classified as a refreshing, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of magnolia, lilac, mandarin, peach, nutmeg, sandalwood and vanilla. It is recommended for daytime wear.
Manufacturer: Elizabeth Arden
Size: 3.3 Ounces
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by Ronnie G. >> See more reviews

Walk Down 5th Avenue

I got a mini of this for my mom a couple of years ago and turned her into a fan of this luscious scent (though not a big enough fan to tear her away from Red Door). This seductive flowery fragrance is sure to allure on any given day~ *High notes include lilac, linden blossom, and violet *Mid/Low notes include nutmeg, sandalwood, and clove Tips/Suggestions/Comments involving 5th Avenue: 1) This a moderate strength scent . . not too subtle and not too intense. 2) I'd say this scents lasts, on average, about 8 or so hours (similar to most perfumes) 3) This is a perfect daytime scent. Great for a day at work; however, if you looking for a scent for the evening/romantic occasions then you may want to get something else. 4) I'd say this sophisticated scent caters more towards adults than teens

by Angela Ott >> See more reviews

One of my favorites

I have been wearing this scent for years. I love it!! It is very soft, classy and just a little romantic. I am someone who loves to try the latest and greatest in everything, including fragrance, but I ALWAYS come back to this scent. It is best in cool weather and in the evening, but I wear it all the time!

by a. pippens >> See more reviews

Elizabeth Arden, 'Fifth Avenue ' scents

What type of woman are you? Are you a woman on the go (cookie cutting soccer mom)? Are you a club all night type of female? Do you spend the majority of your day in an office setting, or are you more active during your work day? Whatever your lifestyle, a scent from Elizebeth Arden is sure to give you that little extra added boost of femininity! Elizebeth Arden's 'Fifth Avenue' is a scent that seems to softly whisper, 'Look at this woman isn't she beautiful, and doesn't she have class?' It goes on with a light spray, and stayes on your body until your next shower. The scent doesn't mallow out as the day transpires, nor does it fade. Elizebeth Arden's 'Fifth Avenue' - the scent that reminds you, and everyone around you, that you are a beautiful woman!

tester tease

ordered the 5th Avenue 4.2oz EDP Spray instead of what the picture shows I got the tester bottle instead; no fancy cap and has printed on it "TESTER". So for Christmas I had to say "I'm sorry honey I bought you the wrong 5th Avenue and I'm sorry for trying to be CHEAP"! Merry Christmas!

by A. Wilkinson >> See more reviews

Nice Scent...Great for winter.

I think this is a great fall/winter scent. It is warm and as a great aroma. I get compliments a lot of this fragrance and I think the price is right. I am also in my 20's and have never heard of it being a "old lady" scent. I think it is a more adult scent...not young and fruity. I also think it is a scent that a lot of different people enjoy. I give it a lot as a gift. Try it!

by J. Barnes >> See more reviews

Scent was different than previous 5th Avenue purchases

The product had a different scent than the traditional 5th Avenue. I am not satisfied with this product at all.

Bad experience

Ater trying to find what happed whith my oder I give up. I send a lot of emails without any response. I didnt get anything so far. Its is really disappointed. Be careful if you are planning to buy this product in the future.

by Amasian Suki >> See more reviews

I take a bath in this stuff!

I take a bath in this stuff! I love this scent! It's my signature scent. Men, women come up to me all the time and ask me what I am wearing. If this ever got discontinued I might have to jump off a cliff!

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

great for the office

Clean and classy, elegant floral that is versatile and perfect for the office or everyday wear. Not terribly unique but long lasting and a great value at this price.

by Susany de Jesus >> See more reviews

wonderful fragance!

this perfume really likes me a lot. the fragance stays in your body for a long long time. the smell is delicious! very much recomended for a sensual type of women.