High Quality Cosplay Costume Wigs
Manufacturer: KADIYA
Size: M


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by Jolteon4ever >> See more reviews


I was surprised how quickly it arrived but it is perfect for my cosplay and I would definitely buy something from this seller again.

by Mother of Dragons >> See more reviews

Movie Star Quality ;)

This wig is professional movie star quality! Very impressed at quality and low price vs the same price at costume stores and lower quality.

by RavenMcCoy >> See more reviews


OMG, YOU GUYS. This wig is BEAUTIFUL. I ordered it on October 17 and it arrived yesterday, October 24. Shenzhen to Chicago in like, 3 days, plus time in customs. I can't believe how quickly it got here. It is thick and well-made. It is synthetic, but it's much softer than other costume wigs I've bought in the past, and not as "sticky", so it doesn't shed as much and it's easier to run your fingers through. There are a couple downsides: 1.) The wig could be a little bit more white and a little bit more crimped (it is not as frizzy as in the picture) 2.) The area along the sides of the face does not lay super flat, so you can see my (very dark) sideburns. If you have lighter hair this probably won't be an issue. I may consider re-braiding the braids a little bit to see if I can get more coverage on the sides. Those small issues notwithstanding, this is the best costume wig I have purchased and I can't believe it was under $20.

Super duper happy and can't wait for Halloween!!

If I ever have to buy a wig again I will DEFINITELY buy from this seller. The wig looks exactly how it does in the picture and looks just like Daenerys' hair!! They even included a cap for your hair to wear under the wig and a cute little compass charm that I am going to incorporate into my Daenerys costume. The wig sheds a little bit but it is very thick, which is what I wanted. I also got this product MUCH faster than I expected considering it was shipping from China; it only took 9 business days from the day I ordered it to get it! I am super happy overall.

Perfect Wig for Halloween! Fast Delivery

Delivery was fast! The package arrived in 9 business days/14 calendar days(from China to California) which was quicker than I expected. The wig cap was easy to put on and the wig fit perfectly after adjustment, it covered my black curly hair! I have attached a photo below of me wearing it which I thought other would appreciate (i covered my face with a monster sticker haha, very halloween appropriate). So far no shedding, but I haven't worn it out yet. It's a lot of hair and very long, which is perfect for a Daenerys costume.

by claudia moore >> See more reviews

very good quality wig

Overall, very good quality wig! It arrived in 14 days, and it's the perfect color. My one complaint is that it was a little too small for me, I'm not sure if that's because I have a lot of hair and it was hard to fit it all, or if my head is just too big. Whatever the case, it squeezed my head, gave me a pounding headache, and it left a mark on my forehead that didn't go away for a couple days. So I'd say if you have a lot of hair or a big head, this may not be the best option.

by Jennifer Dewey >> See more reviews

It looks great and would recommend for any Daenerys

I was skeptical due to the price, but this came today and it is SO impressive. I was afraid of a wig that was too shiny, too short or too thin. This wig is none of those things. Haven't tried heat styling yet, but I'm also not sure if I need to! It looks great and would recommend for any Daenerys costume


Omg, I just realized I never reviewed this product but this wig is amazing!! So thick and barely sheds at all It's amazing for its price, I honestly didn't not think it would be such a great quality !!

Misshapen and shedding

This wig came misshapen . I couldn't believe how bad this wig was. The strands of "hair" fell out so much I had to throw it away... But at least I didn't get a hard time returning it

by Andrea Sandoval >> See more reviews


I wore this a day after Halloween on Hollywood blvd and people were staring. It did looked like my real hair, great deal, I would totally but another wig from here.