Boosting-Spray Foam is an all over volumizer for any hair type. Formulated with a unique resin base, it creates maximum volume while providing a touchable, brushable hold. It gives excellent thermal protection and humidity-resistant, all day lift and styl
Manufacturer: Kenra
Size: 8 oz.


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by pensive4now >> See more reviews

Kenra turns up the volume on flat hair

I purchased this product on the recommendation of a friend who also has fine hair with no body. She told me this was the best product she had found on the market and the only one that worked for her hair. I had nothing to lose other than a flat head of hair, so I decided to give it a try. Remarkably, this product does work well. My hair is very fine and doesn't hold the curl more than a few minutes after using a curling iron on it. To use this product, it is sprayed on damp hair before blow drying. Although the name implies it is a foam, it's more of a spray than a mousse. I start by towel drying my freshly shampooed hair, spray Kenra on the roots, blow my hair completely dry and then use a curling iron. I noticed that I don't have to keep the curling iron on my hair as long as before, therefore, feel it is preventing additional heat damage. After curling, I comb my hair out and apply finishing spray. Kenra seems to produce more volume in my hair without feeling heavy and full of product and stays longer. I am happy with the results. I plan to continue using this product and also try some additional hair products in the Kenra line. All you flatheads out there, it's worth a try!

Makes your hair feel like straw and frizzy

I usually like Kenra products, but am not very happy with my latest purchase of many of them! This makes my long silky hair feel like straw after I blow dry. I've tried styling with a curling iron and a straightener after, but it just isn't boosting anything! Very disappointed in the product. Have no problems with the seller!

I love Kenra!

My hairstylist uses Kenra product on my hair every time I get my hair done, and it's the only product that doesn't weigh my fine hair down or make it greasy feeling. This boosting spray keeps body in my hair all day, and it smells wonderful. A little goes a long way, so you don't have to use a lot. I highly recommend this product!

by Margaret B. Behrends >> See more reviews


I keep using Kenra Platinum Boosting Spray, because it helps give my hair volume and makes it easier to flat iron or curl without making it sticky or stiff. I use it in combination with "It's a 10 Miracle" leave-in conditioner. Both make my hair look awesome, and I always feel like I'm having a "good hair day" :)

spray with Kenra and smile - it's perfect - looks light and natural but holds

Lift hair, spray on roots, work through with fingers, blow dry, lightly lift with metal pick, spray with Kenra and smile - it's perfect - looks light and natural but holds!!! I don't even need a straightner - LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

by pitty pat >> See more reviews

Boosting spray

I really like this prduct. Have used this product for sveral months now. This product adds texture and vilume to your hair without making it sticky . Love this product for my hair!!

Boosts without weighing hair down

This spray has been awesome to use. I alternate this Boosting Spray Foam with the Root lifting Spray and it adds tons of volume. Hair feels and looks thicker. Would recommend!

Love it!

I have thick, fine hair. Kenra volumizing products are the only products that truly give a lot of volume that stays. I spray this at the roots along with heat protecting spray all over before blow drying my hair upside down very quickly. Then I use a straightener because my hair is naturally curly/wavy. It gives my hair a lot of volume and it stays. I can wear my hair straight without washing it for two to three days and just put baby powder at the roots in the morning. The volume stays. My hair dresser has also used the voumizing foam and it works great at the roots as well. Kenra is the only product that I will buy for volume... and I am a' use cheap products if they work' kind of person. This is well worth the price.

by Rebecca C. Mach >> See more reviews

This product is FABULOUS!

This Kenra Platinum Boosting Spray Foam is FABULOUS! When used on your roots, be sure to dry your roots first before the rest of your hair, this is key to getting the most body from your roots. Also, be sure to dry your hair at the roots changing directions many, many times to get the maximum boost at your roots. Enjoy!

Do Not Waste Your Money

This product is awful, it's not even a foam. It's more like a spray. If I wasn't so busy planning my wedding I would have returned it, I'm sure it's too late now as I bought it several months ago but I did use it right away. It did absolutely NOTHING for me! It did not give my hair any volume or boost at all. My hair was flat to my head, it was a very bad hair day!