Paco 1 Million by Paco Rabanne for men

1 Million Cologne by Paco Rabanne, Inspired by rabanne's metallic fashions,1 million wa in particular a 1967 dress worn by singer françoise hardy.
Color: White
Manufacturer: PACO RABANNE
Size: 3.4 oz.


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Inviting, Sweet, Spicy!

I work at a fragrances counter in a department store in the US and we just started carrying this fragrance (we had a lot of European men ask for it in the last few years!). I'm glad we did. I wasn't sure I would like it - the bottle's presentation made me expect something gaudy and simplistic from the scent. I should have known better! For me the mint in the top notes really stands out, and so does the vanilla-smooth leather in the bottom. The middle spice notes make it really shine, though. Spice in a cologne gets me every time. I can't smell the rose as strongly, and I don't mention it to my customers - I think a lot of American men would shy away from a "girly" note like rose in their cologne. I wouldn't classify this as a really sweet scent, but then I've smelled Angel and that's entirely vanilla-chocolate-cookie-dough... sugary sweet! There's nothing sweet about Million in comparison. If you -can- smell the rose notes, you might get that sweetness that I'm missing. Everyone smells something different in a cologne! My first thought was that this cologne was a lot like the new Gucci Guilty with its spice and woody/vanilla notes, but Guilty is a deeper, heavier scent with cardamom instead of cinnamon and much different top notes. I like Million better and am considering trying it out on my husband, who's picky with his scents. I think he'll like it too! If you're going to buy on Amazon, buy from a reputable seller and get the large size. The 3.4oz EDT retails for $75 at my store; anything much cheaper is almost guaranteed to be a refilled bottle, damaged, or fake. Cologne is expensive, yes, but a 3.4oz bottle should last you a year or more depending on how often you use. My husband sprays his 3.4oz Armani Code liberally on a daily basis, and after 8-9 months it's still half full! If we'd gotten the smaller one it would have cost us over $50 and we'd be replacing it already. I'd say the larger size is definitely worth the investment.

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Very Nice!

I am the type of guy whose primary cologne is that Dial soap smell. I have tried buying the various colognes, but they are usually too over powering, horrible smelling or bring to mind the gigolo with the tight satin pants, open shirt and the gold chains around his neck. Not to mention the PRICE! I got a bottle of 1 Million as a gift and my immediate reaction was: "oh no! Smile and say thank you!!! Smile and say thank you!!!" I put a little on and immediately liked it! I can't describe scents, so all I can say is that is has a nice smooth smell. I have been wearing it for about 3 or 4 weeks now and love it--shower, shave, and a dab of 1 Million! Two thumbs up! Who in the world is Paco Rabane anyway?

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Good Date Scent

I think they put cocaine in this stuff because the girl I went out with kept complimenting me on how good I smelled. This fragrance has a very fruity, think banana/grapefruit candy smell in the beginning. Which is good, not bad. About an hour in, you get this sweet, slightly floral scent that is light with the fruitiness in the background. After a couple of hours it dies down to this nice mellow musky scent which is dark and sensual and stays close to the skin. This is a sweet fragrance, but with a fruity twist. This is definitely a young fragrance 17 to early 30s. Something for an afternoon or evening date. It's great for activities where you would sweat a little (arcade, bowling, ice skating, dancing) Definitely not recommend wearing this work, if you work in a professional environment, going to a job interview, or having dinner with the in-laws. Longevity, I get about 6-8 hours with this, depending on how much moisture I have on my skin. If my skin is dry, it does not last as long. Sillage, if you are in the car with somebody, sitting next to somebody, or passing by somebody they would probably get a whiff. How this scent performs depends from person to person so try it first. I would go to Sephora, Macy's, or Nordstrom and try it on yourself before buying.

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W. O. W. This stuff is amazing!

I want to keep this as short as possible so you dont get bored. All I can say about this stuff is WOW! The scent is amazing. Very light, sweet, fresh and simply amazing. Has honey and flower like scents. I can also smell the Cinnamon just a tad. A must if you like DG-Blue or Kenneth Cole Reaction. Very different but in the same "fresh" and "clean" scent. A must have! I had to take some unboxing and product pictures and post them so everyone can see what I got. I also purchased 3 other expensive colognes from Amazon and will be posted pictures and reviews of them today.

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I enjoy this perfum. The price is little bit high but it is worthy. My brother is even asking for it he cannot afford it.

by Desmond Cole >> See more reviews

Simply the Best!

Best men's fragrance out there, bar none! I possess many fragrances, but this one stands above them all. It is a must have!

by D. R. Gendreau >> See more reviews

Great Scent, not long lasting

I would have to say this is my favorite scent right now. A very close second is Ed Hardy Born Wild. I have been on a buying spree with colognes lately. One important thing I have noticed is that if you can find a gift set for the cologne you like, that the Gift set cost the same or slightly more than just the single bottle itself. I am all about getting the best deal, there are a number of things that you can do with the extras. You can gift the extras to friends or relatives. This makes perfect sense to me, especially if you would not normally spend $75 on a coworker's gift, but an giving an extra away is like giving a gift for free. I looked the difference between cologne and EDT and found out some interesting stuff. To be honest I thought cologne was stronger than EDT and that is not correct. I know I have bottles of cologne that are 30 years old and are stronger than 1 million edt or at least last a lot longer. (Yes, they have evaporated slightly, but they used to last longer 30 years ago too) An example is Polo lasted all day on me and still does. Here is part of an Article I found via google: Eau De Cologne (EDC) This is often referred to just as Cologne and has the greatest dilution of fragrances with a 3-5% concentration of perfume essence, lasting up to 2 hours. For Men Eau De Toilette (EDT) This has the greatest concentration of essence generally available for men and hence lasts the longest, up to 5 hours. It is often available in either a splash or a spray. I think this is where body chemistry takes a part in this. My example of Polo lasting on me all day should not happen according to this article, but it does. My thought is that 1 million does not react the same to my heat or body chemistry as the other colognes (EDT) I wear. Just a theory. I heard all of the negatives about this scent is the lack of staying power. To be honest if it did not cost this much I would not have a problem with it either. To me I feel if you like the scent I don't see the longevity of the scent being the show stopper. For me it lasts over 1/2 a day and that is what the above article suggests an EDT should last. I bought my set from Sephora (linked through amazon) I see a few sellers that save you a few dollars over Amazon that are linked right here. Seriously people you really need to save $5 on a $75 bottle of Cologne and get it from an unknown seller? Look at the real negative's not hard to find one that says, watered down scent, bottle 1/2 full, bottle broken or they sent me a tester. Even if you get your money back you have to PAY for shipping back and all the hassle that comes with dealing with returning something that was not as advertised. Keep in mind if you get your money back from a linked seller you do not get shipping they charge to ship it to you back. I can take a purchase from Sephora online right back to JCpenny's and with Amazon THEY will pay for the return if the order is not right/damaged. Trust me I looked and looked and looked, I found no real deals on cologne that where not outright scams and hassles. If the deal sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Do yourself a favor and look for the gift set (I could only find at Sephora online) and pay the extra $3 and get a great deal.

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Alpha Male Scent..

I'm an individual who likes to make a good first impression, and in order to achieve that you have to look and sound good. However I never knew that smelling good made an incredible difference. I've been using this for about 6 months now and not to sound like a jerk or anything but females love it. It just takes 3 sprays and your set for the night and next her place! hahhah.

smells great

I love this cologne. It's one of my favorites. To give a frame of reference on colognes I like, I also like John Varvatos, Issey Miyake, Happy, Yves St Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. This one is one of my favorites though, if not my favorite. It has a fresh, unique smell.

Probably a fake

I had this scent in a sampler and loved it. After ordering it here and trying it out, I'm fairly certain I received a fake/designer impostor. The sampler of authentic $1 Million I had lasted all day with just a drop or two. I can coat myself with this bottle I received and the smell is gone before I get to the car. Highly disappointed. I left 2 stars because the real scent is great, but I highly recommend paying the extra few bucks to order it off a reputable online fragrance site.