Zotos is the go-to brand for greats perms! It allows you to be versatile, unique, and creative. When you use this product, you will get great texture, volume, and, above all, style. It is a natural processing acid perm with a low pH balance.

Natural processing perm.
Yields great texture, volume, and style.
Gives you well-defined curls.
Leaves hair workable and soft yet firm.
Combines true acid and exothermic neutralizer.
Faster, longer-lasting.
Restores and restructures hair.

One Application

- All dimensions listed are approximations.

Manufacturer: Zotos
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by Sonja Ward >> See more reviews

Quantum perm

Prompt delivery. Love this perm! Nice even curls and my hair is so soft and not dry like some perms I have had in the past. Will definitely be buying this again!

by MKBMplayground >> See more reviews

Great results

I've used these perms many many times during my days of doing hair at home. I am a licensed cosmetologist and I recommend this brand of perms. I've been doing hair for over 20 years and have used these perms for home perms on friends and family with great results. I have always had great success with these perms. Not one of my family or friends ever complained about the quality of these perms.

by Grace King >> See more reviews

Possibly old

This product has good reviews so I gave it a shot. Followed every instruction to a T so I know it was not an error on my part. I might have possibly gotten a bum product. It says "true to rod size curl" but it did NOT do that at all. Just made my hair smelly. Please take caution before buying this.

by Karen M. Stewart >> See more reviews

Very nice perm, not too strong

Perm was better than the previous type I used, (the one in the grey box). It did not even strip all the color from my hair. I will use again, for sure. This will be my perm from now on.

by annemaryt1 >> See more reviews

Good perm

This worked great. I thought it was a very good perm and I would use it again. I used it to straighten my hair because my hair is so curly and it worked good for that.

by Mehetabelle >> See more reviews

Did not damage my hair, but I did get frizz

I chose this alkaline perm because the professional hairdressers said my coarse, hard to curl hair would do better with an alkaline perm than with an acid one. My hair is quite long, below my waist, and completely straight, flat. There was enough curling solution to saturate all my hair. That's good. I rinsed both before neutralizing and after neutralizing for almost 6 minutes each time (I timed it with a stop watch). When I took out the orange 3/4 inch diameter rods, my hair seemed to curl well, but that only lasted until the hair dried. Now, there are no curls, but there are ripples along its whole length. The hair seems to hold a 'set' well in that the 'set' stayed in all day. So that fulfills the claim that this perm is 'firm' but not 'tight.' Is this what is called 'body'? The ends of my hair are dry and frizzy even though I wrapped very carefully with end papers to make sure the ends were smooth. After waiting two days, I shampooed, conditioned, and put in a leave-in conditioner. My hair went back to smelling normal but the ends were still dry and frizzy. I plan to have the ends cut off. I hope that will get rid of the frizz.

by little orphan annie >> See more reviews

This perm works well for firm curls and leaves the hair in great condition when processed correctly

The lowest prices and this company ships quick--I appreciate that! This perm works well for firm curls and leaves the hair in great condition when processed correctly.

by Vanda Millien >> See more reviews


I have used Quantum Perms for years but this one burned my head ! It seems as if something was wrong with it. Either it's old or it's not quantum quality!

Five Stars

This was an extremely good perm for hard to curl hair. I would purchase this product again.

by teresa ives >> See more reviews

Five Stars

very easy to use, did this over 90 days ago & still have firm curls.